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Brian Bengert - B.Sc., M.Sc., P.Geo. 


Brian received a B.Sc. in Geophysics in 1994, and later obtained his M.Sc. from York University in 1996 specializing in Time series and Data Analysis.  Upon graduation, Brian spent five years as a field geophysicist working for Quantec Geoscience in North and South America.  Brian worked as a geophysicist for 15 years at Inco, which later became a part of Vale.  He started at Inco with major responsibility for the Voisey’s Bay nickel project, and was a principal member of the team that discovered the deposit that would become the future underground operation.  After the takeover by Vale, Brian was quickly transferred to international work and was subsequently given the responsibility for best practices in global geophysics. 


Over his career, Brian has gained extensive experience collecting, processing and interpreting geophysical data.  He has been involved in the development of several geophysical methodologies, including Array MT/IP, natural field EM, borehole IP, and Groundfloor EM.  His experience was gained from projects covering a wide spectrum of commodities, including nickel, copper, gold, iron, zinc, lithium, coal, and diamonds.

Markus Svilans - B.Sc. (Hons)

Markus received a B.Sc. (Honours) in Computational Geophysics in 2006 from Carleton University. During his studies and following graduation, Markus worked in airborne geophysics where he developed data acquisition and transmitter controller systems, processed geophysical data, designed surveys, created new processing software tools, and prepared maps. Later, Markus joined an R&D team at Vale (known as Inco at the time) where he worked on new geophysical processing code for air, ground and borehole geophysics, and 3D visualization tools. Code from some of these projects lives on in well-known commercial tools used by geoscientists today.

For the last 10+ years, Markus has worked extensively in high-tech, including a through-the-earth (TTE) radio technology company, where he worked in several roles, including Systems Architect and Product Manager.

At Platform, Markus designs and creates new software for geophysics and visualization in response to the needs of Platform customers and Platform team members, in addition to ongoing research & development activities.


Carlos Izarra - PhD.


Carlos received his Geophysical Engineering degree in Venezuela from Simon Bolivar University (USB), in 1995. He later went on to receive his PhD in Earth Sciences from Liverpool University in 2001. After receiving his degrees Carlos became a Professor of Geophysics at USB from 2001 to 2009. He then moved to Canada in 2009 and began working in the geophysical service industry between 2009-2017. Carlos became the Chief Geophysicist at Freeport McMoRan Inc (FMI) between 2018-2019. Shortly after he joined the team as Platform’s Chief Data Scientist in 2019. 


Carlos spends his free time researching ways to improve the application of artificial intelligence and deep learning in mineral exploration. He has created several state of the art techniques in the field, and fine tuned his approach to data analysis in ways that are unparalleled in the industry.