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Surface and Borehole Electromagnetics

including EM Data Processing, Modelling and Interpretation

Surface and Borehole Electromagnetics (EM) leverages the same science as Airborne EM, except that the survey platform for the primary inducing magnetic field is restricted to the surface of the earth.  When combined with Airborne EM, the location, depth and geometry of a target can be modelled with a precision greater than any other geophysical method.


The normal strategy for electromagnetic exploration flows as follows:

  1. Airborne EM

  2. Surface EM

  3. Borehole EM


Borehole EM validates and refines Surface EM models after a target has been drilled.  It also indicates whether the drill has intersected the target conductor and guides subsequent drilling.


The current selection of Surface EM systems includes the following:

  • Portable systems (HLEM, vertical loop), which is both quick to use and an inexpensive system.

  • Moving loop systems (center and off loop systems), where there are fewer problems with conductive cover and less of a chance to miss a conductor because of improper loop placement.

  • Fixed loop system, which penetrate the surface the deepest and produces better conductivity resolution and more precise modelling.


Borehole EM uses a large fixed loop system on the surface that is tuned to the depth of interest and target geometry. 

Platform has the knowledge and experience to get the absolute most out of your project having modelled EM data from hundreds of thousands of line kilometres collected both on and above the surface, as well as thousands of individual boreholes.

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