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Groundfloor Electromagnetics

including Processing, Modelling and Interpretation

Created by the team at Platform Geophysics, Groundfloor Electromagnetics (EM) is a hybrid of airborne and ground EM methodologies that improves our ability to identify and rank potential mineral exploration targets.

Unlike traditional airborne surveys, this integrated approach positions receivers on the ground near a potential mineral target, while a moving airborne transmitter is flown above. Adding Groundfloor EM receivers within a few hundred meters of a target on a traditional airborne EM survey provides data redundancy, improves conductivity discrimination, and refines data definition, thereby increasing confidence, and ensuring that a perfect conductor is not missed. 

Groundfloor EM is an inexpensive, yet powerful tool that can augment any existing airborne EM program. It can be used to verify pre-existing targets and detect high conductivity anomalies.


At Platform, our position is that Groundfloor EM should be given the status of Best Practice for massive sulphide exploration.

The Platform team has been developing and refining the Groundfloor EM processing algorithms since 2016.

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